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World Championship Allround

This page lists all information available on the World Championship Allround. The subnavigation allows you to quickly retrieve the complete 'History' of the top 3 results. In the corresponding medal summary table you can click on a specific year to go to the full results of that year. The right-hand side of the subnavigation links to different 'Statistics' of the World Championship Allround. The statistics will be updated automatically after every championship.

Best result for United States at the World Championship Allround Women

small combination
1 Kit KleinUSA234.7002 Feb 1936StockholmSWE1936
1 (#2)Beth HeidenUSA179.0294 Feb 1979Den HaagNED1979
500 meters
1 Kit KleinUSA0:53.31 Feb 1936StockholmSWE1936
1 (#2)Mary MeyersUSA0:46.018 Feb 1967DeventerNED1967
1 (#3)Anne HenningUSA0:44.66 Feb 1971HelsinkiFIN1971
1 (#4)Dianne HolumUSA0:43.594 Mar 1972HeerenveenNED1972
1 (#5)Sheila YoungUSA0:43.5624 Feb 1973StrömsundSWE1973
1 (#6)Sheila YoungUSA0:44.4423 Feb 1974HeerenveenNED1974
1 (#7)Sheila YoungUSA0:42.322 Feb 1975AssenNED1975
1 (#8)Sheila YoungUSA0:42.2621 Feb 1976GjøvikNOR1976
1 (#9)Beth HeidenUSA0:44.493 Feb 1979Den HaagNED1979
1 (#10)Becky SundstromUSA0:41.312 Feb 1996InzellGER1996
1 (#11)Chris WittyUSA0:39.4513 Mar 1998HeerenveenNED1998
1 (#12)Jennifer RodriguezUSA0:38.5915 Mar 2002HeerenveenNED2002
1 (#13)Jennifer RodriguezUSA0:40.018 Feb 2003GöteborgSWE2003
1 (#14)Jennifer RodriguezUSA0:38.747 Feb 2004HamarNOR2004
1 (#15)Heather RichardsonUSA0:37.117 Mar 2015CalgaryCAN2015
1500 meters
1 Beth HeidenUSA2:13.793 Feb 1979Den HaagNED1979
1 (#2)Jennifer RodriguezUSA1:57.338 Feb 2004HamarNOR2004
3000 meters
1 Kit KleinUSA6:12.01 Feb 1936StockholmSWE1936
1 (#2)Beth HeidenUSA4:41.244 Feb 1979Den HaagNED1979
5000 meters
2 Kit KleinUSA10:18.02 Feb 1936StockholmSWE1936