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Parc Paul Mistral, Anneau de Vitesse, Grenoble


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PlaceGrenoble (FRA)
Typeoutdoor - artificial
Track length400m

Track records

5000 meters (M)Fred Anton MaierNOR7:22.415 Feb 1968
3000 meters (W)Ans SchutNED4:52.02 Feb 1969


1968Olympic Games Women9/12 Feb 1968
Olympic Games Men14/17 Feb 1968
1969WCh Allround Women1/2 Feb 1969
1973ECh Allround Men27/28 Jan 1973
1979WCh Junioren Men24/25 Feb 1979
WCh Junioren Women24/25 Feb 1979
1981WCh Sprint Men21/22 Feb 1981
WCh Sprint Women21/22 Feb 1981

World records

15000 meters (M)Fred Anton MaierNOR7:22.415 Feb 1968
23000 meters (W)Ans SchutNED4:52.02 Feb 1969

World junior records

11500 meters (G)Beth HeidenUSA2:13.5724 Feb 1979
2500 meters (G)Beth HeidenUSA0:43.2324 Feb 1979
35000 meters (B)Yasuhiro ShimizuJPN7:21.1025 Feb 1979
43000 meters (G)Beth HeidenUSA4:40.3525 Feb 1979
51000 meters (G)Beth HeidenUSA1:26.4725 Feb 1979
6Mini combination (G)Beth HeidenUSA177.71324/25 Feb 1979