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Richmond Olympic Oval, Richmond


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PlaceRichmond (CAN)
Typeindoor - artificial
Open since17 Oct 2008
Track length400m

Track records

500 meters (M)Lee Kang-seokKOR0:34.8015 Mar 2009
1000 meters (M)Shani DavisUSA1:08.9417 Feb 2010
1500 meters (M)Mark TuitertNED1:45.5720 Feb 2010
team pursuit (M)Jan Blokhuijsen
Sven Kramer
Simon Kuipers
NED3:39.9527 Feb 2010
3000 meters (M)Sven KramerNED3:40.516 Feb 2010
team pursuit (M)Sven Kramer
Carl Verheijen
Wouter olde Heuvel
NED3:41.2615 Mar 2009
5000 meters (M)Sven KramerNED6:14.6013 Feb 2010
10,000 meters (M)Sven KramerNED12:55.3214 Mar 2009
500 meters (W)Jenny WolfGER0:37.7215 Mar 2009
1000 meters (W)Christine NesbittCAN1:16.2814 Mar 2009
1500 meters (W)Ireen WüstNED1:56.8921 Feb 2010
team pursuit (W)Kristina Groves
Christine Nesbitt
Brittany Schussler
CAN2:58.2515 Mar 2009
3000 meters (W)Martina SáblíkováCZE4:02.5314 Feb 2010
5000 meters (W)Martina SáblíkováCZE6:50.9124 Feb 2010


2009WCh Single Distances Men12/15 Mar 2009
WCh Single Distances Women12/15 Mar 2009
2010Olympic Games Men13/26 Feb 2010
Olympic Games Women14/26 Feb 2010