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Thousands of skaters populate SpeedSkatingStats.com. The table below lists all skaters in alphabetical order by last name. This allows you to quickly surf to the results of your favourite skater or leisurely find your old-time heroes. On the right-hand side a search window is provided that can be used to shorten the current list displayed so that it only includes the search terms entered.

A line highlighted in grey contains the full name of a skater, or the name of a female skater before she married.

Unfortunately, the information is incomplete in some cases. For example, a date and/or place of birth or death is often missing. If you can provide any addition or would like to suggest a correction, even if it is a petty issue or a typing error, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster. All comments are very welcome! Please use the contact-form to submit your remarks.

The table below lists all skaters with a last name starting with a J.

wChrista JaarsmaNED
=Christina Jaarsma
mJuho JääskeläinenFIN
wAgata JabłońskaPOL
mMikołaj JabłońskiPOL
wNatalia JabrzykPOL
wErin JacksonUSA
wJennifer JacksonCAN
mMark JacksonNZL
wCornelia JacobGDR
=Cornelia Doering
mOluf JacobsenNOR
mSvend JacobsenDEN
=Svend Erik Jacobsen
mSverre JacobsenNOR
wTove Jacobsen-SteinmoenNOR
wGunilla JacobssonSWE
=Gunilla Gerd Irene Jacobsson
mJaegal Sung-yeolKOR
mIrving JaffeeUSA
=Irving Warren Jaffee
mEmiel de JagerNED
mJaap de JagerNED
=Jaap L. Jager
mJan de JagerNED
mJoh. Fré de JagerNED
mWerner JägerAUT
mJosef JahnzonSWE
mJulius JahnzonSWE
mDavid JahrlSWE
wAndrea JakabROU
=Andrea Julia Jakab
mGert JakobsNED
mBujiin JalbaaMGL
mHalle JanemarSWE
=Harald Janemar
wJang Lin-sookKOR
mJang Lin-WeonKOR
wJang MeeKOR
mJang Wang-sooKOR
mJang Weon-hoonKOR
wJang Yeon-jooKOR
mJang YongKOR
mArtur JanickiPOL
mJeroen JanissenNED
mTimo JankowskiGDR/GER
mTomasz JankowskiPOL
mSicco JanmaatNED
mHubrecht JanseNED
mAbraham JansenNED
=Abraham J. Jansen
mB.A. JansenNED
mDan JansenUSA
=Daniel E. Jansen
wEline JansenNED
mMike JansenUSA
=Michael Jansen
wAfke Jansma-HeslingaNED
mKars JansmanNED
wAnna Julia JanssenNED
mHans JanssenNED
mWilfried JanssenSUI
mAlec JanssensCAN
mBernt JanssonSWE
mEjnar JanssonSWE
mHarry JanssonSWE
=Gustav Harry Jansson
mMagnus JanssonSWE
mThomas JanssonSWE
wMalin JärfSWE
mGanbat JargalanchuluunMGL
wAnn-Sofie JärnströmSWE
=Ann-Sofie Maria Järnström
mPaweł JaroszekPOL
=Paweł Julian Jaroszek
mJuhani JärvinenFIN
=Jouko Juhani Järvinen
mTimo JärvinenFIN
=Timo Tapani Järvinen
mBohumil JaurisTCH
mOlivier JeanCAN
wLenka JedličkováCZE
mRudi JeklicFRG/GER
=Rudolf Jeklic
wGabrielle JelonekCAN
mGregor JelonekCAN
mDezideriu JeneiROU
=Dezideriu Szilard Jenei
wTeddi JenkinsAUS
=Edwina Jenkins
mPeter JenningsGBR
wBjørg Eva JensenNOR
mSigurd JensenNOR
wJeon Mee-RyeongKOR
wJeon Seon-okKOR
wJeon Yea-jinKOR
wJeong Bae-yeongKOR
mJeong Chung-GuKOR
wClare JeongUSA
mJeong Dong-hwaKOR
wJeong Eun-jeeKOR
mJeong Jin-EokKOR
mJeong Seon-KyoKOR
mJeong Sung-hyunKOR
wRikke JeppssonNOR
mOle JeskeGER
mMark JesneyCAN
mAudun JevnakerNOR
mCharles JewtrawUSA
=Charles Henry Jewtraw
wLilianna Jezierska-MorawiecPOL
=Lilianna Ewa Jezierska-Morawiec
mDariusz JezierskiPOL
wJi JiaCHN
mJiang NannanCHN
wJiang XiaCHN
wJiang YoufengCHN
mJiao HongtaoCHN
mJiao YunlongCHN
mC.F. JibbensNED
wJin HuaCHN
wJin JingzhuCHN
wJin MeiyuCHN
wJin PeiyuCHN
mJin XinCHN
mJin YananCHN
wJin YingshunCHN
mJin ZhengzhuCHN
wAndrea JirkůCZE
mJo Sang-HyeokKOR
wJo Seon-yeonKOR
mJo Yong-seokKOR
mJo Yoon-yongKOR
mHerbert JochemsNED
mSven JoestenGER
mKnut JohannesenNOR
wAstri Mæhre JohannessenNOR
mStener JohannessenNOR
mAage JohansenNOR
mArne JohansenNOR
mAsle Terje JohansenNOR
mEven JohansenNOR
mHans JohansenNOR
mLeif Tore JohansenNOR
mMagnus JohansenNOR
mMorten JohansenNOR
=Morten Kristian Johansen
=Morten Staubo
mOlaf JohansenNOR
mSteinar JohansenNOR
=Steinar Kjetil Johansen
mAllan Dahl JohanssonNOR
mArne JohanssonSWE
mAxel JohanssonSWE
=Axel Allan Johansson
mDan JohanssonSWE
=Dan Martin Johansson
mErnst JohanssonSWE
mGöran Johansson (1941)SWE
=Göran Sven Gunnar Johansson
mGöran Johansson (1958)SWE
=Per Göran Johansson
mGustaf JohanssonSWE
=Gustaf Caleb Johansson
mKarl JohanssonSWE
mLennart JohanssonSWE
wMarita JohanssonSWE
mPeter JohanssonSWE
mSture JohanssonSWE
mWalter JohanssonFIN
mW. JohnNED
wCarol JohnsonUSA
mKevin JohnsonUSA
mMelvin JohnsonUSA
wLinda Johnson-BlairCAN
=Linda Marie Johnson-Blair
mDustin JohnstonCAN
mTyler JohnstonCAN
mJouko JokinenFIN
=Jouko Ilmari Jokinen
wMarije JolingNED
wElsa Marie JondalenNOR
mBill JonesGBR
=William Anthony Ashford Jones
mA. de JongNED
wAntoinette de JongNED
mBert de JongNED
mBob de JongNED
=Bob Johannes Carolus Jong
mH.M. de JongNED
wHanne de JongNED
mJakob JongNED
=Jakob N.D. Jong
wLetitia de JongNED
mRichard de JongNED
wSaakje de JongNED
wTonny de JongNED
wBoukje de Jong-SpoorNED
mHans Jongbloed-UnterhorstNED
=Hans B. Jongbloed-Unterhorst
mLammert de JongeNED
wX. de JongeNED
mBen JongejanNED
mCor JongertNED
mElwin JongmanNED
wFroukje JongsmaNED
mThijs JonkerNED
wSterre JonkersNED
mBauke JonkmanNED
wDinie JonkmanNED
wTeckla JonkmanNED
mGary JonlandUSA
=Gary Michael Jonland
mRoger JonzeSWE
mJoo Hyeong-JoonKOR
wMirjam de JoodeNED
mJ. JoolingNED
wMichela JoriattiITA
mGerben JorritsmaNED
mJorjan JorritsmaNED
mJorrit JorritsmaNED
mAndrzej JóżwikPOL
mJan JóżwikPOL
wInger JørgensenNOR
mJu ZhonglinCHN
mLeon JucewiczPOL
mJoost JuffermansNED
wOphélie JuneauCAN
mJan JunellSWE
=Jan Gunnar Junell
mFritz JungblutGER
=Friedrich Jungblut
mGilmore JunioCAN
mRagnar JürgensonEST
mGeorge JurrjensNED
=George Hendrik Jurrjens
mJ.E. JurrjensNED
mAage JustesenDEN
wSylwia JuszczakPOL