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Olympic Winter Games

This page lists all information available on the Olympic Winter Games. The subnavigation allows you to quickly retrieve the complete 'History' of the top 3 results. In the corresponding medal summary table you can click on a specific year to go to the full results of that year. The right-hand side of the subnavigation links to different 'Statistics' of the Olympic Winter Games. The statistics will be updated automatically after every championship.

Best result for United States at the Olympic Games Men

500 meters
1 Charles JewtrawUSA0:44.026 Jan 1924ChamonixFRA1924
1 (#2)Jack SheaUSA0:43.44 Feb 1932Lake PlacidUSA1932
1 (#3)Ken HenryUSA0:43.216 Feb 1952OsloNOR1952
1 (#4)Terry McDermottUSA0:40.14 Feb 1964InnsbruckAUT1964
1 (#5)Eric HeidenUSA0:38.0315 Feb 1980Lake PlacidUSA1980
2x500 meters
1 Casey FitzRandolphUSA69.23012 Feb 2002Salt Lake CityUSA2002
1 (#2)Joey CheekUSA69.76013 Feb 2006TurijnITA2006
1000 meters
1 Peter MuellerUSA1:19.3212 Feb 1976InnsbruckAUT1976
1 (#2)Eric HeidenUSA1:15.1819 Feb 1980Lake PlacidUSA1980
1 (#3)Dan JansenUSA1:12.4318 Feb 1994LillehammerNOR1994
1 (#4)Shani DavisUSA1:08.8918 Feb 2006TurijnITA2006
1 (#5)Shani DavisUSA1:08.9417 Feb 2010VancouverCAN2010
1500 meters
1 Jack SheaUSA2:57.55 Feb 1932Lake PlacidUSA1932
1 (#2)Eric HeidenUSA1:55.4421 Feb 1980Lake PlacidUSA1980
1 (#3)Derek ParraUSA1:43.9519 Feb 2002Salt Lake CityUSA2002
5000 meters
1 Irving JaffeeUSA9:40.84 Feb 1932Lake PlacidUSA1932
1 (#2)Eric HeidenUSA7:02.2916 Feb 1980Lake PlacidUSA1980
1 (#3)Chad HedrickUSA6:14.6811 Feb 2006TurijnITA2006
10,000 meters
1 Irving JaffeeUSA19:13.68 Feb 1932Lake PlacidUSA1932
1 (#2)Eric HeidenUSA14:28.1323 Feb 1980Lake PlacidUSA1980