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Ida Njåtun

full nameIda Njåtun
nationalityNorway (NOR)
born February 1991in unknown

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Championships - Medal table and top 10 positions

Olympic Games000138
WCh Single Distances0004319
WCh Allround001149
WCh Sprint000001
ECh Allround0002310
ECh Single Distances000003

Championships - Results

2010NC17 ECh AllroundHamarNOR
201111WCh Single Distances 1000 metersInzellGER
6WCh Single Distances 1500 metersInzellGER
11WCh Single Distances 3000 metersInzellGER
5WCh Single Distances Team pursuitInzellGER
NC14WCh AllroundCalgaryCAN
8 ECh AllroundCollalboITA
201218WCh Single Distances 1000 metersHeerenveenNED
16WCh Single Distances 1500 metersHeerenveenNED
7WCh AllroundMoscowRUS
NC14 ECh AllroundBudapestHUN
201312WCh Single Distances 1500 metersSochiRUS
14WCh Single Distances 3000 metersSochiRUS
6WCh Single Distances Team pursuitSochiRUS
5WCh AllroundHamarNOR
8 ECh AllroundHeerenveenNED
201417 Olympic Games 1000 metersSochiRUS
12 Olympic Games 1500 metersSochiRUS
6 Olympic Games 3000 metersSochiRUS
7 Olympic Games Team pursuitSochiRUS
DNS2WCh AllroundHeerenveenNED
NC14 ECh AllroundHamarNOR
201515WCh Single Distances 1000 metersHeerenveenNED
7WCh Single Distances 1500 metersHeerenveenNED
11WCh Single Distances 3000 metersHeerenveenNED
3 WCh AllroundCalgaryCAN
6 ECh AllroundChelyabinskRUS
20169WCh Single Distances 1000 metersKolomnaRUS
10WCh Single Distances 1500 metersKolomnaRUS
9WCh AllroundBerlinGER
6 ECh AllroundMinskBLR
201721WCh Single Distances 1000 metersGangneungKOR
16WCh Single Distances 1500 metersGangneungKOR
9WCh AllroundHamarNOR
8 ECh AllroundHeerenveenNED
201827 Olympic Games 500 metersGangneungKOR
10 Olympic Games 1000 metersGangneungKOR
7 Olympic Games 1500 metersGangneungKOR
12 Olympic Games 3000 metersGangneungKOR
9WCh AllroundAmsterdamNED
2019NC10WCh AllroundCalgaryCAN
NC10 ECh AllroundCollalboITA
202012 ECh Single Distances 500 metersHeerenveenNED
11 ECh Single Distances 1000 metersHeerenveenNED
12 ECh Single Distances 1500 metersHeerenveenNED
19WCh SprintHamarNOR
202118WCh Single Distances 1000 metersHeerenveenNED
20WCh Single Distances 1500 metersHeerenveenNED
4WCh Single Distances Team pursuitHeerenveenNED
NC11 ECh AllroundHeerenveenNED