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Top 25 fastest 1500 meters at a World Cup

11:40.17Kjeld NuisNED10 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
21:40.54Thomas KrolNED10 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
31:41.02Denis YuskovRUS9 Dec 2017Salt Lake CityUSA
41:41.04Shani DavisUSA11 Dec 2009Salt Lake CityUSA
51:41.33Denis YuskovRUS3 Dec 2017CalgaryCAN
61:41.49Denis YuskovRUS10 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
71:41.63Koen VerweijNED9 Dec 2017Salt Lake CityUSA
81:41.80Shani DavisUSA6 Mar 2009Salt Lake CityUSA
91:41.88Denis YuskovRUS15 Nov 2015CalgaryCAN
101:41.95Koen VerweijNED3 Dec 2017CalgaryCAN
111:41.98Shani DavisUSA15 Nov 2013Salt Lake CityUSA
121:42.14Chad HedrickUSA4 Dec 2009CalgaryCAN
1:42.14Kjeld NuisNED20 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
141:42.16Brian HansenUSA15 Nov 2013Salt Lake CityUSA
151:42.19Shani DavisUSA4 Dec 2009CalgaryCAN
1:42.19Chad HedrickUSA11 Dec 2009Salt Lake CityUSA
171:42.27Kjeld NuisNED3 Dec 2017CalgaryCAN
181:42.28Koen VerweijNED15 Nov 2013Salt Lake CityUSA
191:42.31Trevor MarsicanoUSA6 Mar 2009Salt Lake CityUSA
201:42.32Shani DavisUSA4 Mar 2007CalgaryCAN
1:42.32Erben WennemarsNED9 Nov 2007Salt Lake CityUSA
221:42.36Denis YuskovRUS15 Nov 2013Salt Lake CityUSA
231:42.37Simon KuipersNED16 Nov 2007CalgaryCAN
241:42.39Sverre Lunde PedersenNOR10 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
251:42.45Joey MantiaUSA20 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
11:49.83Miho TakagiJPN10 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
21:50.32Brittany BoweUSA10 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
31:50.33Miho TakagiJPN8 Feb 2020CalgaryCAN
41:50.63Yekaterina ShikhovaRUS10 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
51:50.70Ireen WüstNED10 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
61:50.85Heather RichardsonUSA21 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
71:51.31Brittany BoweUSA21 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
81:51.49Miho TakagiJPN9 Dec 2017Salt Lake CityUSA
91:51.59Brittany BoweUSA15 Nov 2015CalgaryCAN
101:51.76Ivanie BlondinCAN8 Feb 2020CalgaryCAN
111:51.79Cindy KlassenCAN20 Nov 2005Salt Lake CityUSA
1:51.79Miho TakagiJPN3 Dec 2017CalgaryCAN
131:51.99Ireen WüstNED8 Feb 2020CalgaryCAN
141:52.06Marrit LeenstraNED3 Dec 2017CalgaryCAN
151:52.08Ireen WüstNED16 Nov 2013Salt Lake CityUSA
161:52.09Yevgeniya LalenkovaRUS8 Feb 2020CalgaryCAN
171:52.27Heather RichardsonUSA15 Nov 2015CalgaryCAN
181:52.31Marrit LeenstraNED9 Dec 2017Salt Lake CityUSA
191:52.38Ireen WüstNED3 Mar 2007CalgaryCAN
201:52.45Brittany BoweUSA16 Nov 2013Salt Lake CityUSA
211:52.54Yekaterina ShikhovaRUS8 Feb 2020CalgaryCAN
221:52.55Heather RichardsonUSA16 Nov 2013Salt Lake CityUSA
1:52.55Melissa WijfjeNED10 Mar 2019Salt Lake CityUSA
241:52.75Christine NesbittCAN10 Nov 2007Salt Lake CityUSA
1:52.75Christine NesbittCAN17 Nov 2007CalgaryCAN