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Top 25 fastest 10,000 meters Men and 5000 meters Women at a World Cup

112:36.30Ted-Jan BloemenCAN21 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
212:43.57Bob de VriesNED21 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
312:44.26Sven KramerNED21 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
412:47.53Bob de VriesNED11 Dec 2016HeerenveenNED
512:50.33Jorrit BergsmaNED3 Dec 2011HeerenveenNED
612:50.40Jorrit BergsmaNED2 Dec 2012AstanaKAZ
712:50.96Sven KramerNED22 Nov 2009HamarNOR
812:50.97Sven KramerNED19 Nov 2017StavangerNOR
912:51.22Bob de JongNED2 Dec 2012AstanaKAZ
1012:51.92Arjan StroetingaNED21 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
1112:52.20Jorrit BergsmaNED11 Dec 2016HeerenveenNED
1212:52.64Ted-Jan BloemenCAN19 Nov 2017StavangerNOR
1312:53.17Sven KramerNED17 Feb 2007ErfurtGER
12:53.17Bob de JongNED19 Feb 2011Salt Lake CityUSA
1512:53.56Bob de JongNED1 Mar 2013ErfurtGER
1612:53.63Davide GhiottoITA19 Nov 2017StavangerNOR
1712:53.99Jorrit BergsmaNED21 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
1812:54.97Bob de JongNED22 Nov 2009HamarNOR
1912:55.01Patrick BeckertGER21 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
2012:55.11Bob de JongNED3 Dec 2011HeerenveenNED
2112:55.36Jorrit BergsmaNED1 Mar 2013ErfurtGER
2212:55.47Moritz Geisreiter (1987)GER21 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
2312:56.62Jouke HoogeveenNED19 Nov 2017StavangerNOR
2412:56.90Arjen van der KieftNED19 Feb 2011Salt Lake CityUSA
2512:57.13Erik Jan KooimanNED19 Nov 2017StavangerNOR
16:42.66Martina SáblíkováCZE18 Feb 2011Salt Lake CityUSA
26:45.04Carien KleibeukerNED20 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
36:47.03Stephanie BeckertGER18 Feb 2011Salt Lake CityUSA
46:47.42Martina SáblíkováCZE20 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
56:49.92Claudia PechsteinGER22 Nov 2008MoskouRUS
66:50.07Martina SáblíkováCZE21 Nov 2009HamarNOR
76:50.39Martina SáblíkováCZE18 Feb 2007ErfurtGER
86:51.62Claudia PechsteinGER18 Feb 2011Salt Lake CityUSA
96:51.83Martina SáblíkováCZE26 Jan 2008HamarNOR
106:52.50Martina SáblíkováCZE2 Mar 2012HeerenveenNED
116:52.79Stephanie BeckertGER21 Nov 2009HamarNOR
126:53.16Natalya VoroninaRUS20 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
136:53.36Stephanie BeckertGER2 Mar 2012HeerenveenNED
146:53.63Gretha SmitNED1 Dec 2007KolomnaRUS
156:53.67Martina SáblíkováCZE1 Dec 2007KolomnaRUS
166:54.94Ivanie BlondinCAN6 Dec 2019Nur-SultanKAZ
176:54.99Martina SáblíkováCZE6 Dec 2019Nur-SultanKAZ
186:55.07Eriko IshinoJPN18 Feb 2011Salt Lake CityUSA
196:55.34Gunda Niemann-StirnemannGER25 Nov 2000HeerenveenNED
206:55.43Shiho IshizawaJPN18 Feb 2011Salt Lake CityUSA
216:55.80Isabelle WeidemannCAN6 Dec 2019Nur-SultanKAZ
226:55.88Ivanie BlondinCAN20 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA
236:55.98Cindy KlassenCAN18 Feb 2011Salt Lake CityUSA
246:56.34Esmee VisserNED6 Dec 2019Nur-SultanKAZ
256:56.45Clara HughesCAN3 Dec 2005HeerenveenNED
6:56.45Antoinette de JongNED20 Nov 2015Salt Lake CityUSA