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Maki Tabata

full nameMaki Tabata
nationalityJapan (JPN)
local spelling田畑 真紀
born November 1974in Mukawa, Hokkaidō (Japan)

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Championships - Medal table and top 10 positions

Olympic Games0103214
WCh Single Distances02471031
WCh Allround0010915
WCh Sprint000001

Championships - Results

199416 Olympic Games 1500 metersLillehammerNOR
19959WCh AllroundSavalanNOR
199613WCh Single Distances 3000 metersHamarNOR
7WCh AllroundInzellGER
199717WCh Single Distances 1500 metersWarsawPOL
16WCh Single Distances 3000 metersWarsawPOL
12WCh Single Distances 5000 metersWarsawPOL
19998WCh Single Distances 1500 metersHeerenveenNED
6WCh Single Distances 3000 metersHeerenveenNED
6WCh Single Distances 5000 metersHeerenveenNED
7WCh AllroundHamarNOR
20009WCh Single Distances 1500 metersNaganoJPN
3 WCh Single Distances 3000 metersNaganoJPN
7WCh Single Distances 5000 metersNaganoJPN
3 WCh AllroundMilwaukeeUSA
20012 WCh Single Distances 1500 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
5WCh Single Distances 3000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
3 WCh Single Distances 5000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
7WCh AllroundBudapestHUN
2002DQ Olympic Games 1000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
9 Olympic Games 1500 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
6 Olympic Games 3000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
8 Olympic Games 5000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
8WCh AllroundHeerenveenNED
20032 WCh Single Distances 1500 metersBerlinGER
7WCh AllroundGöteborgSWE
20049WCh Single Distances 1000 metersSeoulKOR
6WCh Single Distances 1500 metersSeoulKOR
11WCh Single Distances 3000 metersSeoulKOR
13WCh Single Distances 5000 metersSeoulKOR
9WCh AllroundHamarNOR
20057WCh Single Distances 1500 metersInzellGER
6WCh Single Distances 3000 metersInzellGER
15WCh Single Distances 5000 metersInzellGER
3 WCh Single Distances Team pursuitInzellGER
10WCh AllroundMoscowRUS
200617 Olympic Games 1000 metersTurinITA
15 Olympic Games 1500 metersTurinITA
14 Olympic Games 3000 metersTurinITA
13 Olympic Games 5000 metersTurinITA
4 Olympic Games Team pursuitTurinITA
7WCh AllroundCalgaryCAN
20074WCh Single Distances 1500 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
9WCh Single Distances 3000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
7WCh Single Distances 5000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
NC14WCh AllroundHeerenveenNED
200810WCh Single Distances 1500 metersNaganoJPN
10WCh Single Distances 3000 metersNaganoJPN
4WCh Single Distances Team pursuitNaganoJPN
NC13WCh AllroundBerlinGER
20WCh SprintHeerenveenNED
20098WCh Single Distances 1500 metersRichmondCAN
3 WCh Single Distances Team pursuitRichmondCAN
NC14WCh AllroundHamarNOR
201019 Olympic Games 1500 metersVancouverCAN
2 Olympic Games Team pursuitVancouverCAN
NC15WCh AllroundHeerenveenNED
2013NC16WCh AllroundHamarNOR
201425 Olympic Games 1500 metersSochiRUS
4 Olympic Games Team pursuitSochiRUS
201519WCh Single Distances 1500 metersHeerenveenNED